Multi-modal transport, a shortcut to a better work-life balance


Openness. We created kilometers to optimize commuting, improve work-life balance and reduce CO2 emissions. Commuting represents a significant drain on time for many executives and business reps - people we help on a daily basis with our app.

But commuting is also what opens you to meeting people - what opens you to the world.

We believe that travelling from A to B can be optimized, and we also believe that the overall urban travel experience can be improved. In the meantime, we as a planet are facing congestion, sustainability problems and issues with our climate. While some urban trends tend to limit, restrict or reduce access to transport, others offer new solutions. For example :

  • Finding ways to use electric scooters in areas where it can be most valuable for users while dealing with safety concerns.

  • Open more charging stations, promote EV ownership and EV ride hailing or electric taxi offers.

  • Encourage car-sharing or ride-sharing.

Our first significant data analysis looked at over 100,000 km of commutes. We’re already able to note several trends regarding commuting efficiency.

Unsurprisingly, driving remains a key player. As such, electric vehicles are a must to maintain performance and user expectations while remaining CO2-efficient. Public transport is perceived as less efficient, but remains essential for home/work commuting and shorter trips, while remaining very efficient in terms of CO2 emissions.

The #1 factor, impacting commuting time by up to 20%? Flexibility - in other words, openness to multi-modal transport.

Over a specific period, we analyzed a sample of 800 commutes of less than 200 kilometers each (approx. 10,000 km total).

  • 67% of commuting distance is more efficient when users drive, vs. 33% when users take public transport.

  • When users consistently opt for a single mode of transport (whether by car or by public transport), journey times average 240 hours per 10,000 km.

  • However, when users are more flexible with their mode of transport as per kilometers’ recommendations, journey time fell to 190 hours - a gain of over 20%!

Balance. For our team members, family comes first. Work/life balance is key to building great products to delight our clients and users. This isn’t just a core part of our values as a startup, it’s also something we’re bringing with our product.

As the figures above demonstrate, kilometers helps get you home early and efficiently. We also help businesses reconsider the concrete benefits of remote working, and we’re currently working on even more features to help manage the time we spend getting from A to B.