TERMS & CONDITIONs - kilometers

 Freemium usage.

Kilometers app and service are free to use as an individual user or professional for a number of features. This scope may vary with new capabilities and restrictions over time.

Premium access

Users may be activated for enterprise / premium features if they company contracts with kilometers on a recurring basis. Users never need to pay directly as the service is paid directly by their organization in that case.

Calendar connection.

The basis of kilometers assistant is to analyse calendar events from a connection to Gmail, GSuite, Microsoft Exchange, outlook or Office365. This requires a full access even though we make sure we don't operate on the user's main calendar but create a new separated one for the relevant commuting times. The ability to connect may depend on the user's domain administration and can be blocked by Enterprise admins or firewalls. Users can contact us in such cases and introduce us to their administrator.

Partner services & affiliation.
We may promote different partner solutions and route to thrid party websites or apps in such cases. This is always optional and we never transfer any user data to these third party apps.

Trafic estimations & route options.
We use several third party APIs to estimate and suggest the best routes regarding the required commutes. In some case the address may not be relevant for these APIs but the algorithm tries to compute in any case. So there may be mistaken times or commutes and all times and routes are not guaranteed 100% as the reality of trafic or transports may affect it. Users can contact us at any time from kilometers.ai website or from the help center if they detect any error or wrong analysis, we continuously update our service from these feedbacks.