When installing kilometers, you'll be required to authorize the app to access your calendar. At kilometers, it's important for us to be transparent about how we use your information.

1. We don't update your main Google Calendar 

kilometers accesses your main calendar in read-only mode. All information regarding your commutes is stored in a second calendar called

2. We only store relevant information

The app stores the following information:

  • Your location

  • Meeting summaries, which may include destinations and/or meeting types

  • Dates

  • Details of other participants in order to propose alternative commutes/meeting arrangements

We don't look at or store descriptions and notes.

3. We optimize updates

When it comes to updating your kilometers calendar, the app creates a channel via Google's API functionalities. This lets Google alert us when your calendar changes.

When we receive this alert, kilometers doesn't rescreen the whole of your Google Calendar, just relevant periods following these updates.

4. We don't share your data 

In some instances, kilometers may redirect you to one of our trusted partner's websites. However, we don't share your data with anyone.