Access CO2 data and commute details with Outlook

kilometers introduces its Outlook Add-in at #VivaTech 2019.

From deciding between different modes of transport (public transport vs. car), booking an electric taxi, or monitoring your CO2 emissions, discover the kilometers app, now compatible with Outlook.

As your smart commuting assistant, kilometers connects with Google Calendar to suggest optimal routes and modes of transport for user journeys. kilometers’ new Outlook plugin helps users monitor their carbon emissions by displaying CO2 information for each journey alongside alternative modes of transport.

  • To help reduce users’ carbon footprint, kilometers suggests alternative options, such as car-sharing with colleagues or sustainable ridesharing services (such as Marcel in Paris).

  • Urban mixed-mode commuting helps to optimize journey time, while reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Businesses can assess and take action to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as employees’ time spent commuting, to help promote sustainable alternatives and improve work-life balance.

Contact us to access the Outlook Add-in pilot program.

Pierre Lecointre