[Press release] kilometers: a new way to see commuting

Discover kilometers – a promising new app that’s already joined the Google Cloud for Startups program

Paris, 23 April 2019 – Engineer, entrepreneur and travel expert Pierre Lecointre announces the launch of an innovative new travel app. Discover kilometers, a new smart travel assistant.

kilometers: the smart assistant optimizing all your travel plans

Helping to optimize user journeys, from one-off trips to regular commutes, kilometers helps users anticipate their travel needs. The app collates and optimizes information on upcoming journeys to help users choose modes of transport with a lower environmental impact.

How it works: the app syncs with Google Calendar, analysing potential journeys based on meeting location before creating specific timeslots for each journey, or ‘commute’. The app also suggests modes of transport from A to B, helping to save users time.

 Primarily aimed at professionals, kilometers helps to better meet their needs by:

  • anticipating their requests via Calendar

  • encouraging mixed-mode commuting to save time, while helping to reduce CO2 emissions for each trip

kilometers is free to use. The app has partnerships and affiliations with travel providers, such as Paris’ Marcel on-demand taxi service. The startup also offers companies audits on employee travel needs and  company carbon footprint.

To host and maintain its platform and user data, kilometers has chosen to use Google Cloud. The app uses Google Calendar and Google Map to analyze journeys. kilometers has been a part of the Google Cloud for Startups program since April 2019, receiving invaluable technical and strategic support pre-launch.

Travel: a strategic issue for companies

According to the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), 23.2 million people travel between home and work every day in France, with 70% choosing to go by car. Daily travel time continues to increase, making urban travel a particular challenge. Commuting has become a crucial issue for companies, especially for mobile positions such as sales reps and executives with packed diaries.

kilometers aims to significantly reduce the time we spend commuting each day. Its unique approach tailors recommendations to the time of day, waiting times and user preferences.

“When I developed kilometers, I wanted to provide a practical solution to what’s rapidly becoming an unavoidable problem. On average, our users spend five to fifteen hours a week travelling. With millions of employees affected, the stakes are high: productivity, work/life balance, the environment... As new ways to get around become more popular, users need clarity on how to optimize their travel time. 

We’re hoping that users will love our app, and that ultimately using kilometers will become second nature when planning a trip. kilometers considers all angles, from modes of transport and itineraries to alternative ways of holding meetings, for example car sharing or teleconferences,” founder Pierre Lecointre says.

Pierre has significant experience in the business world. In 2009, he founded Sylpheo, a software publishing startup bought by Renault-Nissan in 2016. He then worked with the group for two years, developing apps for connected vehicles in France and Japan. His new project builds on his extensive experience in the travel sector.

kilometers has big ambitions, aiming to attract several thousand users by the end of the year with a host of new features. Long-term, its ambition is to compete with leading market players.

How does it work?

To use kilometers, simply go to: https://app.kilometers.ai

Users create an account and enter their home and work addresses, as well as their Gmail account logins.

The app automatically connects to Google Calendar and collates information on upcoming journeys.

The recommended routes and corresponding timeslots are automatically shown in the diary and reflect major cities’ main transport solutions (metro, train, tram, bus, chauffeur service, taxi, etc.).

About kilometers

kilometers is a smart urban travel assistant. The platform helps users understand their travel options and reduce the resulting CO2 emissions. Launched in 2019, the app connects directly to the user’s calendar to calculate travel times with the emphasis on intermodality.

Translated from the original french press release: https://www.storiesout.com/home/resultats/press-releases/content-main/news-list/kilometers--un-nouvel-assistant.html

Pierre Lecointre